Laura Hogeweg

Laureaat 2019

Gilbert De Bontridder Prijs


Laura Hogeweg

Jury Rapport


Alicja Melzacka
Curator, writer, art historican, linguist

Daan Gielis
Artist, based in Antwerp

Luuk Wilmering
Artist, based in Haarlem

Jury Rapport

Laura Hogeweg
Lola Safari
Nowah Kater

Laura Hogeweg

During the graduation show, we had an opportunity to see many strong propositions, but it was the work of Laura Hogeweg that imprinted most strongly on our memories.

At first sight, her work might appear light-hearted or even deceptively simple, but it is in fact very nuanced. With simple means, she knows how to generate and layer meanings, histories, and references.

Laura’s work reveals a radical attitude towards research, involving both theoretical reflection and embodied experience.

Through her discreet interventions into architecture and her thought-out gestures of documenting and archiving, she offered us a glimpse into the history of this site and revived its forgotten intimacy. Her work is time-based; it develops its own temporality, independent of the momentary benchmark of the graduation show.

While in conversation, Laura appeared very mature and spoke openly and clearly about the underlying motives and the context of her work, as well as, her intentions for the future. She dared to let her uncertainties and doubts show, as a natural part of the working process.

Therefore, we were unanimous in awarding the prize to her.

Daan Gielis, Alicja Melzacka and Luuk Wilmering


met dank aan 

Romy Finke