Morena Bamberger

Laureaat 2018

Gilbert De Bontridder Prijs


Jury Rapport


Sanne Vaassen
Beeldend kunstenaar

Valentijn Byvanck
Directeur Marres Maastricht

Kris Dittel
Curator Rotterdam

Jury Rapport

Didianne Leusink
Bert Snaterse
Morena Bamberger

Morena Bamberger

As it is customary to say, the jury found themselves in a difficult position when having to choose one recipient of the Gilbert de Bontridder prize.

We saw multiple artistic practices that demonstrated originality and authenticity. Yet the main incentive to give this price was to provide stimuli for future development and encourage its recipient to continue and advance their practice further with a critical reflection in mind.

We have therefore chosen for an artist who stands apart from the rest in both her story telling and its suggestion of an alternative universe. We award the price to Morena Bamberger. Her presentation gave us a glimpse into a rich and authentic imagination that has the potential to become a novel artistic voice. We appreciate that she shares her imaginary world not only with her immediate surrounding and the people in it, but also creates a connection with her audiences/viewers. She works in a genuine way, with ‘real people’ in the ‘real’ world, while at the same time inviting them in her own dream world.


met dank aan 

Romy Finke